Ablioconference Makes Simultaneous Interpretation Simpler

Ablioconference Makes Simultaneous Interpretation Simpler

Ablioconference is a complete simultaneous interpreting system for conferences and events. The event organizers and simultaneous interpreters manage the entire service flow from standard PCs, while the audio of the translations is distributed on the attendees’ smartphone, through optimized Wi-Fi networks managed by the system itself.

As already mentioned in our other articles and press releases (read here), ablioconference was created thanks to a substantial contribution of the European Commission within its Horizon2020 program, which recognizes its value with the publication of this article on its official website.

In addition to the easy-to-use feature, Ablioconference eliminates the need to use expensive dedicated systems. These features make it the most suitable solution for events and conferences of any kind and dimension.

During the promotion and launch phase, ablioconference is free of charge to facilitate its adoption within the entire market.