Need an Interpreter?

Need an Interpreter?

During lockdown language services grew exponentially and there are even attempts to have an AI solution. So the need to communicate has become even more important in the working world and the bevy of languages spoken globally often makes communication impossible without a qualified interpreter on hand. However, knowing that an interpreter is needed and finding one are two different things. Below is a list of ways of sourcing them.

Open Freelance Markets:

There are many freelance interpreters bidding for jobs and although this will enable you to find one it's not really an efficient use of your time or money.

In order to get the best interpreter for your needs you will have to check the resume, samples, portfolios, etc of every applicant and potentially perform an online interview to assess their skill set. In other words be prepared to function as a human resources department.

If you forgo the due diligence and just accept someone on price alone you may end up with a sub-par (albeit cheap) interpreter, which means lower quality interpretation.

Job Postings:

Online job posting sites can be a place to advertise your need for a freelance interpreter or to scan resumes and locate one. However, you will be responsible for crafting the advertisement and interviewing all of the candidates that you choose to consider. So, as with the first method you're back to being a human resources department. Like using an open freelance market, setting up and following through on a job posting can be an enormous amount of work.

Online Directories:

Many professional organizations create directories of their members and their services. For instance, the American Translators Association allows visitors to search for interpreters and translators by choosing a source language and a target language. A list of relevant members is provided and each listed member has a linked profile that clients can peruse. Choosing an interpreter this way does limit some of the hoops that you would have to jump through with other methods. You will still have to search the profiles and make sure the interpreters are available when your schedule demands.

Professional Agencies:

In contrast to the labor intensive options already provided, using a telephone interpreting agency eliminates the need to sift through candidates and match availability because both are done for you by the agency. For example, an agency like Ablio has interpreters available 24 hours a day, so scheduling is not an issue. Additionally, Ablio vets all of its interpreters through rigorous testing and keeps them current by connecting them to a coach and to their peers. Essentially, you go online and get an expert interpreter when you need one.

Finding an interpreter can be tricky and there is always the possibility that the interpreter you work so hard to find will not measure up. The more informed you are before you begin the search, the less chance you face of finding an interpreter who lacks the necessary skills or despite having the skill set can't meet your schedule.

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