Simultaneous Interpreting - Software Systems Vs Infrared Equipment

A simultaneous interpreting system is normally required whenever an event’s speaker or audience don’t all speak the same language.

Simultaneous Interpreting - Software Systems Vs Infrared Equipment

A simultaneous interpreting system is normally required whenever an event’s speaker or audience do not all speak the same language. Our unique service platform delivers simultaneous interpreting services that are compliant with the highest standards of the industry, with remarkable and evident advantages when compared with all existing competitor systems.

The vast majority of professional simultaneous interpreting systems are currently based upon radio InfraRed (IR) technology. These IR systems consist of a number of dedicated control units, interpreters’ consoles, and radiant panels, plus headset receivers for each participant.

IR SYSTEMS: The considerable cost of installing and testing IR systems has a big impact on the overall event budget.

ABLIOCONFERENCE: No need for dedicated receivers for the audience. Event participants use their own mobile devices. No need for dedicated IR interpreter consoles and control units — operators simply use their own PC/tablet. Ablioconference operates on standard computers, while listeners use their own mobile devices, thus eliminating the need for dedicated IR systems. The same functionalities and performance level as conventional simultaneous interpreting systems are available with dramatically reduced costs, manpower and equipment resources.

IR SYSTEMS: Conference interpreters conventionally need to operate on-site, at the location of the event.

ABLIOCONFERENCE: No need for interpreters to be on-site - they can operate from anywhere. Customers save all related logistic and travel costs, while conference interpreters enjoy better use of their time and enhanced quality of work.

IR SYSTEMS: Conference interpreter hiring process involves complex organization and logistics in identifying, selecting, negotiating and manage them for the specific task.

ABLIOCONFERENCE: Simplified interpreter hiring and managing processes — event organizers can request and engage conference interpreters by tapping into a vast global community of accredited interpreters — all integrated within their ablioconference dashboards.

IR SYSTEMS: Failsafe wiring between the units of the system (IR control units, Interpreter consoles and IR Radiant panels) has to be set up. Additional wiring and monitors need to be set up when video feeds have to be provided in the conference interpreters booths.

ABLIOCONFERENCE: No wiring needs — all system units (PCs) are wirelessly connected to each other (or use LAN, if available) for easier and faster system set up. Video feeds are by default available at the conference interpreters’ dashboards.

IR SYSTEMS: IR Radiant panels have limited and short-range capacity — they need to be properly positioned and tested, ensuring that each receiver is in direct sight of the IR signal.

ABLIOCONFERENCE: IR radiant panels are replaced by much more powerful, efficient, and portable wireless routers. In many cases the routers are already available at the venue. Translation channels are distributed through a Wi-Fi network. The wireless router needs to be properly positioned, but doesn’t need to be in direct sight of the receivers. It is directly configured and managed within the ablioconference platform via simple, guided step-by-step procedures.

IR SYSTEMS: IR receiver headsets have to be handed to the audience prior to the event and then returned at the end of the event. This laborious operation requires a team of hostesses, with participants often needing to stand in a queue. It’s not uncommon for some IR receivers to get lost in the process, with consequent penalty costs. In addition, all IR receivers need to be recharged before usage using specific Charging Units.

ABLIOCONFERENCE: With ablioconference, event participants simply use their own mobile devices thus saving all costs related to the rental and distribution of headsets. No more queues or hassles in distributing headsets. In addition, ablioconference provides organisers with detailed metrics covering audience composition, usage time and much more.


  • Simpler and faster planning, organization, set-up, management and control of operations
  • Reduction of overall organization needs and set-up man hours
  • Greater flexibility — all options available and capable of being modified at any moment, in real time
  • Capacity for using both on-site and/or on-line interpreters in parallel on the same service platform
  • Costs savings of over 80% compared to current costs thanks to eliminating the cost of renting IR systems, greatly reduced set-up requirements and time, plus the complete elimination of headset distribution and interpreters’ travel expenses
  • Better delegate/audience experience by eliminating queues for collecting and returning IR headset receivers
  • Complete control and real-time analytics of the entire service flow

ablioconference is defining completely new paradigms and service models for the entire event industry, offering multiple advantages when compared to the traditional simultaneous interpreting system model.

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