As part of our partnership with primary language universities and institutes we get the chance to spend time with students having their internship with us, providing them tools and support to strengthen their interpreting skills, and helping them in getting oriented in the complex business environment of the translation and interpreting services market.

We love it... Their freshness, enthusiasm and determination is always such an inspiration for all of us. Ludovica Tonti has been of them, and she just received her degree cum laude in Linguistics at the “SSIT Gregorio VII Institute” in Rome, Italy, with a dissertation on Telephone Interpreting services.

Ludovica offered us the possibility to publish her work on our blog, making it available to anybody wishing to know more about this topic. Her dissertation is written in English, Italian and German, and you can freely download it here.

Ludovica will now continue her specialization study courses. We wish her a very bright future and career!