The Importance of the Interpretation Manager in a Simultaneous Interpreting Service

The Importance of the Interpretation Manager in a Simultaneous Interpreting Service

When discussing the appropriate simultaneous interpreting service, quite often the conversation revolves around the features of the RSI platform itself and the quality of the interpreters. Whilst both are important factors to be considered, we must not forget the role of the Interpretation Manager - the person who is handling the entire service work flow. ensuring its smooth delivery.

Right from the start, when the event is being planned, the Interpretation Manager acts as a Project Manager, working with the client to drill down into what’s required and how eventually the service can be delivered seamlessly.

These are the points a good Interpretation Manager will discuss during the planning:

· The type of event: Live, virtual or hybrid.

· If virtual, which event platform will be used.

· If and how the event is to be live streamed.

· If the event needs to be recorded and made available on-demand.

· An estimate of the number of attendees and listeners to the translation, by groups (viz. those on-site or those listening remotely)

· The structure and agenda of the event e.g is it a single plenary session or does it include breakout rooms. If so the number of rooms and the duration of breakout sessions. Whether there will be a Q&A session and if so, will it be moderated.

· The number of language combinations required.

· How the floor A/V signal will be transmitted so that it can be synchronised with the RSI software.

· The topic of the event so that the appropriately skilled interpreters can be engaged.

All of these points influence how the interpreting service will eventually be delivered on event day. So, for this period during the planning, the Interpretation Manager is acting as a consultant to the client, gathering information and defining how all elements will need to be handled.

Once the plan is consolidated and agreed with the client, the Interpretation Manager begins by bringing together the team of interpreters, selecting and engaging them so that their expertise matches the conference requirements and topics. Next comes the configuration and preparation of the RSI service platform for the event.

Whether the event be live, virtual or hybrid, the Interpretation Manager must next work with the other technical providers so that they understand how the RSI platform captures the AV signal and relays the translation to the delegates.

Recommendations need to be made to the speakers as to the use of proper microphones and speaking at a measured pace so that the interpreters can synchronised.

Essential also is that at the Interpretation Manager asks that materials such as scripts, agendas, slides, recorded videos be made available for the interpreters well ahead of the event. As a chef brings all of the elements of a good meal together, so the Interpretation Manager brings together all of the elements to ensure that a professional service is delivered.

On the day of the event, the Interpretation Manager will start the RSI platform, connect to the Speaker source, whether it be a video conference or the AV  source at a live event, connect to the remote interpreters and ensure that the translation channels are available and stand by to record the translation channels if required.

The Interpretation Manager will do sound checks prior to the start time to make sure that the AV signal is clear for the interpreters and that their translation can be heard distinctly.

Constant communication with the Event Manager, Technicians and Interpreters will need to take place throughout the event, together with back up plans for each of the elements, especially, for example, if one of the interpreters is disconnected from the internet.

All of this to ensure that a fully professional service is delivered and that delegates requiring translation have no problem in being fully engaged in the event and its content.

This role of Interpretation Manager is fundamental to the success of every event and it’s clear that bringing him/her in at the last minute is not an option. They need to be involved at the onset.

Here at Ablio, we have one of the best RSI platforms, a world class pool of interpreters and a team of expert Interpretation Managers - the three elements to ensure a quality service.

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