When you rent a car you can choose between many different models: Compact, for short metropolitan transfers, station wagons, if you have a large family, or vans, if you need to transport bulky items. Why should you not have the possibility to choose when you need an interpreter?

We know that the interpretation needs of our clients are not all the same, nor are the related competencies of the interpreter. That’s why our offer is structured into three levels of service, thus allowing you to have the most suitable interpreter for your specific context and paying the right price.

Standard Service
Whenever you have to talk to acquaintances in a plain conversation not involving lexical or structural complexities, Standard Service Level is your best choice. Pricewise, it's also the most convenient and is ideal for talking to foreign friends or if you are traveling abroad and need to relate ​​with locals in foreign languages.

Business Service
As the name suggests, it is the recommended service for most business and professional conversations: whether face-to-face, by telephone or multi-party video conferences, where conversation may include increased lexical complexities and any nuance of meaning has to be appropriately rendered. Interpreters not only faithfully respect the terminology and the conceptual output but have been trained to properly maintain pace and tone of the business conversation.

Expert Service
Contexts like medical, engineering, legal or insurance, often use specific terminologies and formalisms, such as discussions of technical projects, definition of contracts or international bids, diagnosis and medical/patient conversations. By recurring to the Expert Service level, you’ll have an interpreter with proper skills and knowledge of related glossaries.
Selecting this service level will give you the possibility to choose the specific industry you are interested in, plus the "simultaneous translation" option, to be used whenever the interpreter has to orally translate in simultaneous mode—from a main speaker to a passively-listening audience.

Through these different service levels, the ability to select and use your favorite interpreters, and other options available within your profile, you have a service tailored upon your precise needs, like you always wanted.
In this article you can also find out how our interpreters are qualified and vetted to work in Ablio.