Many interpreters accredited for the Ablioconference simultaneous interpreting platform are asking for the possibility to have further practice sessions in order to exercise themselves and become more familiar with its use as interpreters.

We would like to stress the fact that you can use Ablioconference for creating and running practice sessions on your own, inviting your colleagues and friends to act as interpreters, event managers, or attendees to these sessions, without any costs.

They don't need to be accredited interpreters in Ablio in order to participate in your sessions. Make sure you accept real remote interpreting engagements only when you have become very familiar with the platform: it takes some practice to fully master its procedures and functionalities, from testing your equipment and Internet connectivity to effectively use the dashboard and learn how to interact and synchronize with your booth mates.

If you wish to do some practice sessions or trials but don't know anybody willing to participate in them, you can place your invitation or request at For sure, other colleagues will accept it and be glad to join in. Here is a video showing you how you do it by yourself. Keep us updated with your progress!