Ablio is pleased to announce  that on the 11th April 2023 it achieved ISO 18841:2018 certification for its interpretation services.

The company constantly strives to provide high quality interpretation services to its clients around the world and obtaining this ISO certification is testimony to the dedication of its management team and its achievements.

The ISO 18841:2018 standard reflects the need to apply measurable and precise service requirements for the provision of quality interpreting services. It provides requirements and best practice recommendations for the delivery of spoken interpretation  across all  languages and societal contexts and includes all interpreting specializations.

The delivery of these services is provided in a variety of contexts:

·     In person, face to face

·      Over the phone

·     Video communication

·     On site conference interpretation

·     Remote simultaneous  interpretation for live, virtual and hybrid events

·     Specialist interpretation for businesses, courts, law enforcement and healthcare providers

Fundamental to meeting the ISO standards is the process of accrediting interpreters and ongoing validation and in this respect Ablio has in place specific methodologies and practices for  its +2000 strong pool of interpreters to exceed those recommended in ISO18841:2018 and by the most reputable international interpreter associations.

Ablio offers Over the Phone Interpreting services on a 24/7 basis, professional interpreters operating either remotely through its own Ablioconference RSI platform or on-site at client’s premises.

The Over the Phone interpretation differs from its competitors in that the emphasis has been placed on clients being able to manage their own account from their own dashboard  with three service levels, the ability to add others to the call and select preferred interpreters for recurring meetings.  Calls can be recorded and there is instant analytical reporting. The account is free to access and set up. Payment for calls varies slightly according to the chosen service level and is charged by the minute.

With its own Ablioconference RSI Platform for simultaneous interpreting services, Ablio has opted for a flexible approach with clients being able to request full turnkey services or work with the software in self-service mode. With the end users receiving the language of their choice via a mobile app, web page or embedded stream and interpreters working remotely linked to live, virtual or hybrid events, the flexibility means that the system can work robustly in many different settings.

Using state-of-the-art IT & telecommunication technologies, ablio makes language interpretation services easily available to everyone, in any context, by creating tools and service platforms that are supported by its own community of live interpreters.

For further information please visit our websites:

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Ablio - OPI Platform - General Website